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Wordle Reply Today: Don’t click here if you don’t want spoilers


Warning: if you continue reading, you will see the Wordle answer for Monday, April 1st. This could be a devastating spoiler for some players. But if you just need the answer – maybe you’re down to your last guess and just don’t want to see an 800-game streak end – keep reading.

We’ll start by giving you some general advice and then some tips in case you think that just getting the answer itself would be cheating. If you just want the answer, scroll down to the last subtitle. We will update every day with the most recent answer.

Tips, strategies and more

I’ve written a lot about Wordle – from covering its 1000th word to my list of the best starter words to a helpful two-step strategy for controversial word changes. I even collected what I learned from playing the bestselling online word puzzle for a full year. So if you are rethinking your need for a real answer, you can try the advice from one of these stories.

Still need a parting word? One person told me she would simply look around and choose a five-letter object she spotted to use as a seed word, like COUCH or CHAIR. I tend to stick to seed words that contain the most popular letters used in English words. I like TRAIN to begin with, although I have a friend who uses TRAIL. I’ve read that people use the financial term ROATE, but I like to use words that I actually know.

Is Wordle running out of words?

Tracy Bennett, editor-in-chief of Wordle, made a TikTok on March 28 in which she discussed the possibility that the game would eventually run out of five-letter words. “Yes, there are only about 2,300 words left in the database,” she admitted. But she notes that she added about 30 words and could add more. Bennett also says she might recycle words later, or possibly allow plurals or past tenses, which are not part of the game. (One TikTok commenter suggests the game expands to six words when the database is exhausted.)

By the way, Bennett herself plays the game every day because she wants to get a feel for what players experience, she told the Times. Even if she knows the answer, she chose it weeks before publication and often forgets it.

Wordle siblings, connections and strands

There are other fun games in the Times Games stable. My latest addiction is Connections, which I think is more complicated than Wordle. This is the game where you look at a grid of 16 words and try to group them into four groups of related words. Sometimes the relationships between words are quite fuzzy – like back when there were only four words that started with rock bands, such as RUSHMORE and JOURNEYMAN.

Spelling Bee is also a popular Times game. And there’s a new game that’s still in beta, Strands, that I’m trying to master.

Wordle Tips and Answers

OK, let’s talk about the answer for today. Last chance to bow out and stop reading if you don’t want spoilers. I’ll start with a few clues that don’t give it away, to give you a chance to still win for yourself.

Word Tip #1: Vowels

There is only one vowel, used only once, in today’s answer.

Wordle Tip #2: Double Up

Wordle likes double consonants to start the word, and this one has that. Not the same consonant. That would be weird. Just two consonants, then a vowel, then two more consonants.

Wordle Tip #3: Pete and repeat

Repeated letters sometimes trip me up in Wordle, but there are none in today’s word.

Wordle Clue #4: Character Clue

Do you watch Bob’s Burgers? You should. I am a big fan. The answer Wordle is the last name of the school guidance counselor on this show. He has therapy dolls with names like Repressed Memory Emily and Portion Control Joel.

But aside from Bob’s Burgers, most people know the word because it refers to the leaf-like part of a plant, like a fern.

Wordle Tip #5: Exit Letter

Now we give it away. The answer starts with an F. Last chance to look away, the answer is below the photo.

Phone pun

Get ready, we’re about to spoil Wordle’s answer.

SOPA Images/Getty Images

The Wordle Answer Revealed

The Wordle answer for April 1st is FRONDE. It’s not the most common word, but it has some of the most popular letters: Reader’s Digest says R is #3, O is #5, and N is #7.

I hope this helped you continue your streak! Come back tomorrow if you’re still confused.


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