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Karla Adkins, a 10-year-old woman, was seen in her car mirror and found that the whites of her eyes had turned orange.

That’s why he’s 36 and works as a physician liaison for a hospital system in coastal South Carolina helping to reinforce viruses between doctors.

Since his 20s, I was secretly fighting against excessive alcohol consumption, agreed to help calm down your years of existence.

Adkins understands that this yellow color of his eyes was a product of jaundice. However, we do not imagine that it would be possible to diagnose liver failure linked to alcohol abuse.

“Honestly, my mayor was worried that someone would tell me I couldn’t have a beer,” said Adkins, who now lives in Pawleys Island, a town 30 miles above Myrtle Beach.

But the drink had already affected your health, and less than 48 hours after it was discovered in a retrospective mirror, Adkins was hospitalized with liver disease. “Fue muy rápido,” recorded.

Historically, infections caused by alcohol abuse have affected most men. But current data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that death rates for this reason are increasing more quickly between women and men.

The Biden administration views this trend as alarming. A recent estimate indicates that, in the United States, by 2040, women will account for most of the cost of alcohol-associated liver disease; lo that assumes a total gasto of 66,000 million dollars.

This is a priority topic for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Agriculture (USDA), which next year will release updated National Dietary Guidelines.

But because the marketing of alcoholic beverages is directed more and more towards women every day and the social consumption of alcohol is an important part of estadounidense culture, but is not a change that benefits everyone.

“This is a delicate subject,” said Rachel Sayko Adams, associate researcher at the School of Public Health at Boston University. “There is no safe level of alcohol consumption, and this is new information that probably some people prefer to ignore,” he explains.

Over the past 50 years, women have increasingly entered the labor market and returned to motherhood. It is likely that these factors have contributed to the change in habits because, traditionally, women who become small mothers.

Adams, a student of the studies, explained that “lone motherhood is a protective factor,” but it is still not the same.

A portrait of Karla Adkins.  She stands outside on a beach and smiles at the camera.
After years of drinking in excess to fuel your life, Karla Adkins died of liver failure 10 years ago. “The amazing thing is he can’t get much stronger from the point he’s at,” Adkins said. Now I work as an entrepreneur helping people change their relationship with alcohol and publish a book about their terrible health experience.(Allison Duff)

More than 600,000 people were murdered in the United States for causes related to alcohol abuse between 1999 and 2020, according to a survey published on JAMA Network Open in July 2023. This is where the main causes lie of inevitable deaths in the country, away from the country. tobacco, poor diet, physical inactivity and illegal medications.

The World Health Organization and various studios have concluded that there is no safe amount of alcohol for your health. The drink included in moderate form is linked to problems such as hypertension and coronary heart disease and, also, to a major risk of maternal cancer, among others.

According to George Koob, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the covid-19 pandemic has “significantly exacerbated” alcohol use, because people have used it to support beings. This is especially true in the case of women, who are more likely to drink beer than men.

But, in addition, women are also the focus of advertising for alcoholic beverages. In recent years there has been a disappearance, for example, of sales of rosé wines and low-calorie wines. Según a new studio released in March According to the International Journal of Drug Policy, “the pink color of products is a tactic used by the alcohol industry to target the female market.”

This also influences the appearance of a phenomenon driven largely by women in social networks, which minimizes the person who consumes alcohol as a form of life with the difficulties of motherhood. “The misperception of ‘wine culture for mothers’ – according to Adams – is that ‘if you can drink in a normal, moderate way, if you can control your alcohol, that’s good’.”

It’s not clear that online memes and videos have influenced female drinking, says Adams, who thinks the topic is a deeper studio. Until 2023, the investigative team that integrates the discovery of the 35-year-old woman without hijo is the one that has the mayor in charge of the baby in excess and presenting symptoms associated with this conduct, compared to women of other edad groups. Without embargo, this investigation concluded that, over the past two decades, the risk has increased for all women, Sean or no mother.

These factors, combined with the pressure to be accepted, make it difficult to address the problem. “It’s a taboo question,” says Adams.

When the surge —according to Stephanie Garbarino, transplant hepatologist at Duke Health—, surprises the number of patients who are unaware of alcohol consumption and do not affect their health. “At the same time, no damage can occur,” he explains.

Garbarino is treating younger patients with liver infections with greater frequency, including men and women in their 20s and 30s.

Public health experts and knowledge about alcohol-related liver disease among women face a costly problem for the nation.

In 2022, women will account for 29% of all costs associated with medical assistance in the United States. A new study published in February 2024 by the American Journal of Gastroenterology predicted that in 2040 this index would be 43%.

The National Dietary Guidelines, which establish dietary standards to promote health and prevent disease, advise women not to consume more alcoholic beverages during the day.

These past years will be reviewed next year by HHS and USDA as part of a five-year review process. He convened a special committee to examine, among other issues, the relationship between alcohol consumption and cancer risks. The information will be known in 2025.

In 2023, Canada published a guide announcing that you would consume more alcoholic beverages during a week without health risks. At that time, while Koob suggested in the Daily Mail that the estadounidense directives could advance in the same sentiment and generate a negative reaction.

Information from the CDC, released in February of this year, suggests that increasing taxes on alcohol could help reduce excessive drinking and deaths. Koob’s office declined to comment on the proposal.

That theme touches the heart of Adkins, who now works as a coach to help others, and his many wives, quit beer. Adkins said the pandemic prompted him to publish a book about his near-death experience from liver failure. Long live cirosis, but this September will end 10 years after his last work.

“It’s amazing that you can’t get much stronger from the point he’s at,” Adkins said. “My hope, of truth, is changing the narrative”.

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