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Why a cat had to be rescued from the summit of the Boulder Flatirons


BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — A human took his “adventure cat” on the Boulder Flatirons, but the climb didn’t go as planned.

It’s commonly said that a dog is man’s best friend, but for Austin Wolff, his best friend is a cat.

Her name is Link and Wolff rescued her about two years ago and trained her to be what he calls an “adventure cat.” And that’s exactly what the duo does: they go on hiking and climbing adventures together.

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With Link in a backpack, Wolff and his friend set out to climb the Flatirons last Thursday.
They started around 3:30 p.m. and assumed they would have enough daylight to complete the trip, but it took longer than expected.

Wolff said it was dark and he was with an inexperienced climber and did not have confidence in a descent without a headlight. So he called for help. The two humans and the cat waited in the cold and darkness until the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group arrived.

“It took a bit of a blow to my pride to have to call someone. However, it was certainly the right decision. There was no point in staying up there and risking our safety and that of my cat. It was just smarter to bite the bullet and call someone,” Wolff said.

When rescue teams arrived on scene, they were very surprised to encounter the cat, Wolff told FOX31. He may have forgotten this part when calling for help.

Crews gave them headlamps and dropped everyone off safely – arriving after midnight.

The Rocky Mountain Rescue Group posted a photo on Facebook saying the rescuers were “moonlighting as MEOWtain rescuers!” »

Many were worried, but Link is safe. Wolff said she was napping and snoring during the rescue.

As for the two best friends’ future adventures, Wolff and Link have visited eight national parks so far, with a goal of visiting all 63.

Next, they head to Utah and Arizona.


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