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Watch: Pro-Palestinian protesters clash with police in New York


Pro-Palestinian protesters were seen clashing with police in the streets of New York on Thursday, near where President Joe Biden was attending a fundraiser with former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

As with other events, video shows several protesters pushing past police while chanting pro-Palestinian slogans.

According to New York Postprotesters even disrupted the president’s fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall as people chanted slogans and whistled:

A protester, a woman whistling, holding a “war pig” sign and warning of a “nuclear war with Russia”, was excluded from the lavish New York event, described by the 81-year-old president as a “people’s movement “. Fundraising.”

The first interruption was quickly followed by boos and hisses and two more waves of protests linked to Biden’s support for Israel’s war against Hamas.

An anti-Israel protester could be heard saying: “Blood on your hands.”

Former President Barack Obama addressed the protesters and said, “No, listen. You can’t talk all the time. Sometimes you have to listen.

“You can’t just talk without listening,” Obama said.

As many as six interruptions occurred during the panel discussion hosted by late-night host Stephen Colbert.

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