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These wirelessly powered speakers deliver incredibly smooth sound for any style of music


The SVS Prime Wireless Pro

Yes, that’s my Charlie Brown Christmas tree next to the SVS Prime.

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ZDNET Key Takeaways

  • The SVS Prime Wireless Pro powered speakers are now available on the SVS website.
  • You won’t find smoother, more consistent sound from an active speaker at this price point.
  • To get the best bass, you need to pair it with the SVS SB-1000 Pro subwoofer.

Most consumers believe that the key to a good speaker is punchy bass and sizzling highs. If this suits your taste, then there are plenty of options available to you (as many manufacturers cater to booming basses). But the mark of a really good speaker is its ability to mix sound in such a way that you hear it as the artist intended. Instead of emphasizing bass and treble, you should aim to achieve balance so that you can hear all the voices, instruments and scales coming together to form a perfect union.

This doesn’t mean you want muddy sound (like many low-end speakers offer). The goal is to create a sound field that allows each instrument or voice to come through when needed (such as a solo or a particularly important passage for a certain vocal range).

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I’ve come across a lot of speakers that boost certain frequency ranges because that’s what’s popular. And some musical genres inadvertently impose these requirements on manufacturers.

But my aural joy is when a pair of speakers can deliver a smooth blend of sounds that doesn’t impose a particular range on me. Instead, I hear the music as the artist intended it. To many, these speakers would be called “Studio Monitors” because they allow the listener to hear the truth in the sound.

THE SVS Prime Wireless Pro powered speakers did just that for me. And associated with my SVS SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer, everything I threw at it during setup went incredibly smoothly. Hearing music through these speakers was like coming home.

These speakers deliver some of the smoothest, best-mixed sound I’ve heard at this price point.

Classical, choral, rock, prog, metal, classic rock…the genre didn’t matter, because these speakers could handle it all.

Of course, sound preference is a personal matter, but when you find a pair of speakers that can deliver neutral sound, without lacking in excitement, you know you have something special.

The specifications

The specs for the SVS Prime Wireless Pro powered speakers look like this:

  • Frequency response – 42 Hz – 25 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
  • Speakers – 1″ aluminum dome tweeter and 5.25″ mid-bass driver
  • Two class D power amplifiers
  • 200 watts RMS power (50 watts X 4)
  • Digitally controlled tweeter-woofer crossover (2 kHz (12 dB/octave slope)
  • 2.36 inch wide flared rear firing port
  • DTS Play-Fi with 192kHz/24-bit lossless via critical listening mode over Wi-Fi
  • CD quality for Apple Airplay 2 and Chromecast for Android phones and devices
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC and aptX
  • Spotify Connect
  • HDMI audio input supports ARC and eARC
  • Left/Right RCA input (20K input impedance)
  • 3.5mm Aux Input (20K input impedance)
  • Optical Toslink input (S/PDIF receiver operates at a range of up to 96 kHz)
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • USB service port
  • Subwoofer output – 2V max – auto-sensing low pass filter activates low pass at 80 Hz
  • Cabinet Dimensions – 11.61″ (H) x 7.09″ (W) x 8.85″ (D)
  • Weight – Active speaker weight 12.3 lbs (5.58 kg), passive speaker weight: 11.68 lbs (5.3 kg)
  • Remote included to switch between inputs, change volume and select presets

Note: The preset function is used in combination with the mobile app that you can pair with the speakers. Although I installed the app, I didn’t delve into it too much because it wasn’t necessary.

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My experience

First, I should mention that I have a unique setup. I listen to both my turntable and my PC from the same speakers (I know, bad audiophile). The reason for this setup is that I listen to both while writing. Sometimes I’ll want to hear a piece of music on vinyl and other times I’ll want to hear something I don’t have yet on the medium of my choice. And because my office (with cats roaming around) isn’t exactly conducive to floor-standing speakers, I tend to go the bookshelf route.

My previous speakers included both Aux and Line In inputs, which meant I could plug my Rega P8 turntable into one and my PC into the other.

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The SVS Prime Wireless Pro speakers feature a single RCA line input and a 3.5mm line input. You can’t plug both in and expect the speakers to know which device to prioritize. That’s when I had to upgrade my PC to the Bluetooth option and connect my turntable to the RCA Line In.

The only caveat is that my System76 Thélio disconnects Bluetooth speakers every time the screen locks. So when I reconnect, I have to reconnect the speakers via the Bluetooth manager.

It’s not serious.

OK, let’s move on to the music. Like I said, I’ve taken these speakers through several genres. Here is a representation:

  • Classic – Adagio For Strings by Samuel Barber – By far my favorite piece of classical music, the SVS Prime brought this heartbreaking piece to life. Each instrument could be chosen from the orchestra and I was able to close my eyes and let the soft sounds wash over me. A very telling moment in this piece is the climax of the first movement, where lesser speakers are allowed to distort at higher volumes. The SVS Primes handled it without a single crack.
  • Choral – A Choral Christmas – There is no more beautiful Christmas album and this recording came to life with every instrument and voice blending together with just enough space and depth to make me feel like I was in the concert hall listening to VOCES8.
  • Classic rock – Kashmir by Led Zeppelin – This was off the Mothership release and I have never heard the song with such clarity.
  • Progressive – Tom Sawyer of Rush – This is my choice for testing speakers and the SVS Prime gave the song the punch it deserves. Granted, I use these speakers with the SVS subwoofer, but the kick you feel from the start of the piece immediately made me smile. It is loaded with power and just as agile as the musicians.
  • Rock/metal – YOLO by Band-Maid – I love this song. From Kanami’s near-virtuosity on guitar, to Akane’s punchy rhythms, to Misa’s phenomenal basslines, to Miku’s rhythm guitar and Saiki’s vocals, this song fills the room with so much sound. And unlike my previous speakers, the song doesn’t get lost in a wall of kick drums and throbbing bass.

In addition to my test tracks (all played on vinyl), I spent the last two weeks listening to Christmas music (as I always do at this time of year) and every song filled my heart of pleasure.

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ZDNET Buying Advice

If you’re tired of your old speakers sounding too harsh or muddy, it’s time to up your game and buy a pair of active speakers that play music as intended. With harmonious balance and beautiful aesthetics, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more impressive pair of speakers (at this price) than these.


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