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The King will attend Easter service at St George’s Chapel, Windsor

The King will attend the Easter Matins service at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on Easter Sunday, Buckingham Palace has announced.

THE Queen and other members of the Royal family will also be present.

Today, the king took part in an audience at the palace with community religious leaders from across the UK.

The event aimed to celebrate participants in the Windsor Leadership Trust program, which organizers say encourages and supports dialogue, harmony and understanding at a time of heightened international tension.

Last Thursday, the monarch was photographed in a car being kicked out of Buckingham Palace.

In February, the king was photographed attending Sandringham church – but it had not been confirmed until now that he would attend the Easter service in Windsor.

It will be the king’s most important public appearance and major royal engagement since his cancer diagnosis.

The king reads cards and messages from his well-wishers following his cancer diagnosis. Photo: PA

Just like on Christmas Day, several members of the royal family gather to celebrate Easter and are photographed entering the service.

Prince WilliamTHE Princess of Wales and their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will not be present on this occasion.

The family spends the Easter holidays together after Kate announces she is being treated for cancer.

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Message from Kate: Diagnosis ‘was a huge shock’

The king’s engagement on Easter Sunday will be seen as a step taken by the monarch to reassure the public following the shock news.

The 75-year-old is himself undergoing treatment for cancer, but carries out discreet official duties behind the palace walls.

The latest palace announcement comes after the King’s nephew Peter Phillips – the son of Princess Anne, Princess Royal – said the monarch was “frustrated” by the speed of his recovery.

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King in “good mood” but “frustrated”

He told Sky News Australia: “He’s very pragmatic, he understands there’s a period where he really needs to focus on himself.

“But at the same time, he always pushes his staff and everyone – his doctors and nurses – to be able to say ‘actually, I can do this, can I do that?’

“I think the overarching message would be that he is obviously very keen to get back to some form of normality and is probably frustrated that recovery is taking a little longer than he would probably like.”

The king has been treated since early February for an undisclosed form of cancer, discovered after being treated for an enlarged prostate.

Kate revealed she was undergoing preventative chemotherapy in a video message to the nation on Friday.

She said he “took time” to explaining your diagnosis to your children in a way that suits them “and to reassure them that everything will be okay.”

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Kate’s absence will ‘leave a hole’

Statement follows weeks of global tensions social media speculation and conspiracy theories where she was after not being seen at any official engagements since last December.

The 42-year-old had scheduled abdominal surgery in January which she said was successful.

His condition was initially thought not to be cancerous, but tests after surgery revealed the presence of cancer.

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