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Some hospitals in Singapore are leveraging technology to save time, reduce labor and costs



TTSH is among hospitals nationwide saving tens of thousands of labor hours each year by leveraging technology, such as automation and robots.

This helped them alleviate the labor shortage facing the healthcare sector and reduce the hospital’s operating costs.

Meanwhile, Singapore General Hospital (SGH) has introduced a digital instrument tracking system that helps staff ensure surgical supplies are clean and safe for use in operating rooms. This allows staff to record and trace equipment instead of using pen and paper.

Once a piece of equipment has been cleaned, staff can easily identify which set it belongs to and package them all together. This saved the hospital almost 2,000 man hours per month on this work.

Freed from this tedious task, staff morale is higher as they can now devote their time to higher value-added tasks, said the hospital’s deputy director of nursing, Goh Meh Meh.

The hospital produces about 25,000 sets of sterile instruments per month, she said.

“It’s quite a task for the staff to maintain. And sometimes in the operating rooms they need an instrument very urgently. So, through the system, we are able to quickly track and trace, identify sets and timely deliver them to our surgeons. »


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