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Registration of opposition candidates in Venezuela’s presidential election – United States Department of State


We remain deeply concerned, along with our regional partners, by the decision of the Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE) to prevent democratic opposition parties from registering successive candidates for Venezuela’s upcoming presidential election. The fact that the CNE only accepts opposition candidates with whom Maduro and his representatives feel comfortable runs counter to competitive and inclusive elections that the Venezuelan people and the international community will consider legitimate.

We continue to call on Maduro and his representatives to guarantee access for international observers, end the imprisonment and harassment of members of civil society and the opposition, allow all candidates to run and to campaign, update the electoral register and release all political prisoners unjustly detained.

We stand united with the international community in calling on Maduro to allow Venezuelans to participate in free and fair elections. As we have made clear, actions contrary to the spirit and letter of the Barbados Agreement will have consequences.


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