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North Korea censors Alan Titchmarsh’s pants on BBC gardening show


North Korea’s national television network censored Alan Titchmarsh’s pants.

On Monday, Korean Central Television aired an episode of the 2010 TV show. BBC series of Gardening Secrets, featuring the famous gardener and broadcaster.

The show was reportedly a condensed version of the original and, at one point, broadcasters blurred out Mr Titchmarsh’s jeans.

In the scene, Mr. Titchmarsh is kneeling in a garden, tending to plants, when the blur effect is applied to his legs.

This doesn’t hide the fact that he’s wearing pants, it just hides it. The BBC was the first to reveal the decision.

Censorship would be linked to Kim Jong Un the regime’s efforts to restrict Western fashion and culture North Koreareports NKNews.

Blue jeans are considered a sign of the West, according to the outlet, and have been essentially banned since the 1990s.

This is despite the country briefly exporting designer jeans to Sweden.

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It’s unclear how North Korea got hold of the TV broadcast, but the country has a history of illegally pirating neutral content like soccer matches and other TV broadcasts.


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