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Five things to know about Singapore Olympic champion Joseph Schooling


Just before his 200m butterfly heats in London, Schooling’s swimming cap and swimming goggles were rejected as not complying with Olympic regulations. He finished 26th overall and did not qualify for the semifinals. He also did not progress from the 100m heats, finishing 35th.

Schooling followed its 2014 successes with nine gold medals at the 2015 SEA Games, before making history later that year with a bronze medal – Singapore’s first – at the World Swimming Championships

2. Second person in the family to make Olympic history

Although Schooling’s name is recorded in Singapore’s sporting annals, he does not have the honor of being the family’s first Olympian.

That distinction instead belongs to Schooling’s great-uncle Lloyd Valberg, who competed in the high jump at the 1948 London Games. Valberg was the first athlete representing Singapore to compete in the Olympics.

“The story of Lloyd Valberg was always told to me by my father. He told me that my great-uncle was the first Singaporean Olympian,” Schooling said in an interview for a book titled: “Rings of Stars and the Crescent: 70 Years of the Olympic Movement in Singapore”.

“This comparison inspired me. He is a role model for me. It’s in the family, it’s in the genes.

Coincidentally, Schooling also made her debut at the London Olympics.


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