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Finn Wolfhard says the original Ghostbusters cast had nothing but respect for the next generation


Ahead of Frozen Empire, Finn Wolfhard says the original Ghostbusters cast supported the new generation.

Who are you going to call? Well, if you’re part of the next generation of Ghostbusters, you can probably call one of the OG team members, because it turns out they’ve been more than receptive to the younger actors in Frozen Empire. Finn Wolfhard and Dan Aykroyd live together? Collective panic!

As Wolfhard told The Hollywood Reporter while promoting Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire (and a TV show called Stranger Things – the guy is busy!), the original cast welcomed the new blood by saying: “We spent so many days together on set, and we also spent time together off set. Dan (Aykroyd), Annie (Potts) and everyone are such open books, and you can ask them anything about their lives and the history of their industry. You can ask Dan SNL in 1975, and he remembers it all by heart. So it’s really surreal to be in a room with these people, but they make you feel equal, which is really nice. There’s no ego or anything. There is mutual respect.

But there are even more links with SNL on the Frozen Empire together as Dan Aykroyd for Finn Wolfhard, as he will play an NBC page in the upcoming SNL1975. Add to that, SNL1975 will be written by Frozen Empire co-writers Gil Kenan and Jason Reitman, with the project being directed by the latter. This cast came together quickly, with Aykroyd played by Dylan O’Brien, Gilda Radner by Ella Hunt, Jane Curtin by Kim Matula, John Belushi by Matt Wood, Chevy Chase by Cory Michael Smith and Lorne Michaels by Gabriel LaBelle.

Unfortunately, the Frozen Empire the team would never get the chance to speak with Harold Ramis (Egon Spengler) – who had a touching “cameo” in 2021 Life after death – since he died in 2014. They, too, would be missing this time on-set stories from Ivan Reitman, who produced Life after death but died in 2022. His son, Jason, also stepped down as director, to which Wolfhard said: “To do something where he would think about himself all the time, I’m sure it would have been very emotional. So I think it’s been really helpful for Jason to step back into more of a producer role.

Regardless of who’s left or who’s name-checked (come on, Bill, we know you loved working with those kids!), it’s pretty cool to see the torch humbly passing to the original cast of ghost hunterswhich is celebrating its 40th anniversary today. Frozen Empire comes out next Friday, March 22.

Which Finn Wolfhard project are you most looking forward to: Frozen Empire, SNL1975 or the last season of Stranger Things?


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