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Elon Musk says Grok AI will be available to premium X users ‘later this week’


Grok, Elon Musk’s AI chatbot, previously available only to Premium+ subscribers on X, is rolling out to a wider audience.

On Tuesday, X’s CEO announced that the AI ​​assistant would be available to Premium subscribers “later this week.”

Previously, Grok was only available to X users paying for the top tier of Premium, which isn’t exactly a $16 per month (Premium is $8 per month). And while some Premium+ users don’t seem too happy about losing their exclusive accessGrok’s wider rollout appears to be in line with Musk’s recent decision to make the chatbot open source.


Twitter/X Staff Ignored Elon Musk’s Orders and Prevented an FTC Breach

It is of course worth noting that the open source version of Grok is not the same one that X users have access to. The model published on Github comes from a “pre-training” phase from October 2023.

Musk has a complicated relationship with AI. He recently sued OpenAI, a company for which he previously served on the board of directors, arguing that the creators of ChatGPT breached contract by failing to make their product open source. OpenAI later retaliated by releasing emails from Musk indicating he was aware of the company’s plans to stop sharing its work publicly. What a mess.

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