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Elon Musk confirms that X accounts with certain follower levels will benefit from Premium bonuses

Elon Musk has already announced that AI chatbot Grok will be available to Premium as well as Premium+ members later this week, and now he’s making more changes to X’s paid tiers.

Or, more precisely, it offers certain X users the same benefits as those who pay.

“In the future, all X accounts with more than 2,500 verified followers will get Premium features for free and accounts with more than 5,000 will get Premium+ for free,” Musk said on Wednesday.

Musk seems to be talking about accounts that have a certain number of paid accounts. the subscribers, which is a feature that allows users to access “bonus content” from creators they follow on , for example), creators choosing the price level. This is essentially an attempt by X to compete with Patreon.

The problem? Even the biggest X accounts don’t really have many subscriptions. Musk himself, who has almost 179 million followers, only has 149 followers at the time of writing.


X/Twitter usage down by nearly a quarter since Musk era began, report finds

It is of course possible that Musk is not actually referring to subscriptions, but simply to verified subscribers. Mashable contacted X but received the usual automated “busy now, please come back later” response.

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