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‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Star Chance Perdomo Dies at 27

Chance Perdomo, the British actor known for his roles in the series “Gen V” and “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” died Friday. He was 27 years old.

Mr. Perdomo died in a motorcycle accident, Larissa Saenz, his representative, confirmed in a statement on Saturday. The statement said “authorities indicated no other individuals were involved.” It was not immediately clear where the accident occurred.

Mr. Perdomo played pansexual wizard Ambrose Spellman in the Netflix series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and Andre Anderson, a superhuman with magnetic manipulation abilities, in “The Boys” spinoff series “Gen V.”

He was born on October 20, 1996, according to his representative, in Los Angeles and raised in Southampton, England. Details about the survivors were not immediately available.

Mr. Perdomo described himself as “a black child raised by a Latino mother in a white society with two nationalities.”

He landed a small role in an episode of “Hetty Feather”, a British children’s drama set in the Victorian era, after graduating from Peter Symonds College in Winchester, where one of his majors was drama .

He told The New York Times in 2020 that even though the role was “one or two lines,” he just had to “take that leap of faith” and continue acting full time.

Amazon MGM Studios and Sony Pictures Television said in a statement statement posted on a “Gen V” social media account that they were “devastated” by the news of Mr. Perdomo’s death.

The account also shared a statement from the producers of “Gen V” in which they said they “can’t really wrap my head around this.”

“Even writing about him in the past tense makes no sense,” the statement added.

Variety reported that production on the second season of “Gen V” had been “delayed indefinitely” after news of Mr. Perdomo’s death.

In Britain, Mr. Perdomo was known for starring in “Killed by My Debt,” a TV movie based on the true story of a young courier who commits suicide after two traffic tickets turn into a crushing debt.

In an interview posted on social media, he recalled a conversation he had with his mother when he was around 2 years old. He told her he aspired to two things.

“She said, ‘What do you want to be?’ ” “, did he declare. “I said I wanted to be the first black president of the United States and I wanted to be in ‘Barney’.”

Mr. Perdomo then described the differences between his roles in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and “Killed by My Debt.” Of his work, he said: “It’s been a good year. Several years. »

“Visual supports are great tools for getting messages across and getting ideas across,” he added.

He said connecting emotionally with someone could help get a person to think differently and “it can change perspectives and hopefully lead to more permanent change.”

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