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All right! NBA Star Isaiah Hartenstein Explains His ‘Darkness Level’: ‘I’m Light-Skinned’ (Video)


NBA player Isaiah Hartenstein explains his “level of darkness” by saying, “I have glowing skin.”

TMZ reports that the Knick recently sat down with the “Roommates Show” and shared his black background.

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Isaiah’s teammate and co-host of the show, Jalen Brunson, said: “Let’s go straight.” Uh, are you black?

“I really wanted to cover this” said fellow host and New York Knick, Josh Hart.

He continued, “Explain your darkness. What level of darkness?

“So, my darkness level?” Isaiah repeated. “Well, you know, it’s like light skin. I have light skin.

“Ohh! Glowing skin! I like it. My child’s glowing skin”, Hart responded.

“I’m over fair skin. But yes, my father is black. Isaiah clarified.

How Black People Change When They Find Out

According to Harenstein, he is treated differently from black people when they learn of his black origin.

The power forward said, “Whenever people find out…you all know “Key and Peele”? The show. So, you know, when Barack Obama takes office… The white man’s handshake is different.

“When they find out I’m black. It changes. The whole atmosphere changes,” he said.

The hosts burst out laughing.

“It goes from ‘Hey, how are you doing’ to ‘Hey! Yo, what’s up man! How are you doing’?!’ Hartenstein explained.

Hartenstein said he didn’t know how to identify himself. His father, Florian Hartenstein, is said to be mixed race and his mother, Theresa, is said to be white. Isaiah went on to explain that he grew up in Eugene, Oregon. The center was born when his German-American father was in college playing basketball for the University of Oregon Ducks.

“I don’t know if I claim blacks, whites, Germans, Americans. I’m just a little bit of everything,” » said the player.

Check out the full interview on Roommates Show here:

Social media focuses on Isaiah’s ‘blackness’

Fans reacted to Hartenstein’s explanation on Kicks’ Instagram report.

@leftonread20 joked, “All I hear is Katt Williams saying, ‘Who’s the white baby!’

“So he can say the word or not?” @tim_under_tooth asked.

“What did he put on his birth certificate, anyone?” » someone else added.

I guess we’ll see you at the barbecue, Isaiah!

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