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A 72-year-old man runs a growing baking business in Saskatchewan. after teaching yourself to make bread | Radio-Canada News


Jim Hadfield says he gets up some days as early as 4 a.m. to bake, hoping to be finished by noon so he can package the baked goods and have them ready for delivery.

The work is part of his baking business, Jim’s Breads Buns & Cakes, which he runs from his hometown of Milestone, Saskatchewan, after retiring in 2007 – and the 72-year-old says he has no intention of stopping. anytime soon.

“It keeps me active and I think it’s important that at my age I enjoy staying active,” he said.

Hafield says fruitcakes, breads, rolls and Christmas cinnamon rolls are all part of his menu that he shares with customers across Saskatchewan from his home in Milestone, about 50 km east south of Regina.

A man smiling in front of a cake.
Jim Hadfield says running the business keeps him active and it’s important to stay active at his age. (Submitted by Jim Hadfield)

He said he starts baking cakes on Wednesdays and delivers them to customers in and around Regina on Fridays.

Hadfield said he started baking after having difficulty finding bread he could enjoy, and after visiting several different stores and bakeries, he decided it would be best to teach himself how to make bread. Soon after, he would learn how to make dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, and cakes.

“I took my cinnamon rolls to a local event in Milestone. A lady from Regina said to me, “These are the best I’ve ever tasted, you need to go into business.” “I laughed,” he said.

But three months later, Hadfield said he launched a website with help from his cousin and officially went into business.

Hadfield says bread was the first baking dish he learned to cook. He says he started learning after having trouble finding good bread to eat. (Submitted by Jim Hadfield)

He said business was “modest” at first, but when he set up his Facebook page, he noticed business starting to pick up. Now he communicates daily with 17,000 subscribers on the platform around orders and menu options.

Hadfield says his business has allowed him to explore his talents by learning to prepare more dishes that he can add to his menu, such as his Christmas fruit cake, which has become an important part of his business.

He started making them about six years ago and says last year he made 276 fruitcakes. This year, he plans to prepare 400.

LISTEN | Retirement is a time for loafing, and Jim Hadfield takes that literally:

Saskatoon Morning6:52Retirement is the time to wander, and Jim Hadfield takes that idea literally.

Host Tjheresa Kliem talks to Jim Hadfield, who swapped his suit and tie for an apron to follow his passion for baking.

Hadfield begins taking orders for holidays like Christmas and Easter months in advance, and pre-orders are typically filled two months before the holidays.

Although certain dishes may be popular around the holidays, he says he doesn’t have a favorite dish. He loves everything he prepares and shares with his community.

“I make about 18 different kinds of layer cakes, and I love doing that, but I always also love making bread and rolls and cinnamon rolls,” he said.


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